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Til Death Due us Part - E.O.A.R Poster by PaintedSerenity Til Death Due us Part - E.O.A.R Poster :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 1,311 139 E.O.A.R- Page 153 by PaintedSerenity E.O.A.R- Page 153 :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 692 68 E.O.A.R - Page 154 by PaintedSerenity E.O.A.R - Page 154 :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 736 101 E.O.A.R- Page 155 by PaintedSerenity E.O.A.R- Page 155 :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 950 278 E.O.A.R - Page 156 by PaintedSerenity E.O.A.R - Page 156 :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 850 280 E.O.A.R - Page 157 by PaintedSerenity E.O.A.R - Page 157 :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 776 242 E.O.A.R - Page 158 by PaintedSerenity E.O.A.R - Page 158 :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 956 301 Coaleh by CHAR-C0AL Coaleh :iconchar-c0al:CHAR-C0AL 167 16 Scarlet River P:33 by RiverSpirit456 Scarlet River P:33 :iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 625 213
Scarlet River P175
    Riverfall followed Deeplake into the medicine cat den, taking a seat on the cool stone floor.
    “What did you see?” the brown warrior asked, watching the other she-cat’s face carefully. Deeplake looked troubled.
    “I honestly don’t know. Starclan is never direct, but this time they were more vague than ever. I only heard their voices from the trees…whispering words I could barely make out. It seemed like they were…” Deeplake’s voice trailed away, and she shook her head. “Something is wrong. I know that much.”
    Riverfall felt uneasiness prickling through her fur.
    “So…you didn’t hear anything from them about Forerunner, or the Legion?”
    “No, not exactly. The only words I could make out were ‘caution’, ‘traps’, and ‘listen’
:iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 94 20
Scarlet River P104
    Riverpaw’s teeth sunk into the galactic fruit’s core, and in an instant the world shifted around her. The Greenleaf place disappeared, and she was floating.
    “Holy carp a year has passed?!!” Riverpaw (now Riverfall) meowed in disbelief. “Author what is wrong with you? You said you’d continue this Galaxy Apple arc immediately!”
    I…I got distracted okay? Anyway, technically I’m fulfilling a promise left in the last chapter. It said it would be posted on April 1st, 2017. :D
    Riverfall lifted a paw to object, only to realize that, indeed, the last part did say it would be continued on that day.
    “Fine. Where am I, anyway?”
    Turning to look at her surroundings, Riverfall’s eyes widened. Biting the apple seemed to have taken her to a strange realm outside of her own stor
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Star Chasers - 2 :Surrounded by idiots: by RiverSpirit456 Star Chasers - 2 :Surrounded by idiots: :iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 258 24 Star Chasers: 1.1 by RiverSpirit456 Star Chasers: 1.1 :iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 342 41 Star Chasers: 1.2 by RiverSpirit456 Star Chasers: 1.2 :iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 352 48 Star Chasers: 1.3 by RiverSpirit456 Star Chasers: 1.3 :iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 372 55 Missing Something... by RiverSpirit456 Missing Something... :iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 1,025 82


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